The second largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, the young nation of Yemen hosts more than 1,700 clans and tribes. Although dominated by Islam, Yemen’s government actively resists the presence of al-Qaida. However, Yemeni Christian Believers must meet in secret and, if discovered, face the death penalty.

Since late April, Yemeni soldiers killed 500 al-Qaida militants and captured another 37 in provinces considered al-Qaida strongholds. The United States considers Yemen’s al-Qaeda branch — known as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — to be the most dangerous affiliate of the global terror network.

Yemen, when ruled by the Queen of Sheba, was known for its strong Christian presence and its production of frankincense and myrrh. Now the country holds the reputation as the poorest nation in the Arab world. Nearly 40 percent of the national economy and 55 percent of all water usage produces qat, a mild narcotic.

  • PRAY that Yemenis will seek God’s wisdom like the Queen of Sheba did and become free from bondage of poverty and addiction as they heed His voice (The Bible, Isaiah 60:6).
  • PRAY that the Yemeni government will protect Christians against al-Qaeda’s plan to eliminate them (The Bible, 2 Chronicles 17:10).
  • Pray that God encourages Christian believers as they face extreme persecution if they are found to have converted to Christianity (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4).


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