Young Christians Leader in Pakistan Speaks Out Against Blasphemy Laws.

A young Pakistan Christian leader has called for the revocation of blasphemy laws which are being used to target minorities, and especially Christians.

In his statement, he said that religious minorities living in the country are not safe, “rather in every age, the churches of the Christians and even their colonies have been smashed by burning. [For this] reason the minorities are always in the state of threat, harassment and insecurity.”

The young leader went on to state that all the laws that encourage discrimination against religious minorities must be done away with, and that non-Muslim Pakistanis should have equal rights of freedom.

“We demand from government that all discriminatory laws against Christians, including the blasphemy law, should be … ended … instantly.”

He emphasized that all minorities living in Pakistan are patriotic and are playing an equal part in the progress of Pakistan, adding that minorities are facing increasing intolerance and discrimination, which hampers their ability to prosper.

He emphasised the fact that Christians are often forced to live as second class citizens in their own homeland, and called upon the members of parliament to pay heed to the cries of minorities.

  • Pray for Christians in Pakistan as they face growing persecution and discrimination. Pray for protection, perseverance of faith and courage.
  • Pray for the Pakistan Government to hear the call to bring and end to the blasphemy law, which is so often abused and used as an excuse to attack the Church and Christian in this country.
  • Pray for the government too, to recognise the rights of all people to freedom of belief, and to take steps to protect all non-Muslims in their country.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move over this land, to draw many to life changing encounters with Jesus Christ, and to bring transformation through the Gospel to this nation.

Isaiah 32 vs 1: “See, a king will reign in righteousness and rulers will rule with justice.”



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